Financial Information

Building Preachers for the Reign of God

Financial Information

These estimated costs are designed to give applicants a general sense of expenses required to complete the program. Please Note: These figures do not include transportation to residency or to the orals review, housing during residency, thesis fee, graduation fee or entertainment while o­n campus. All costs, other than tuition, are estimates and are subject to change.


For those entering the Program in 2019, the tuition is $11,898 paid over three years or $3,966 per year. Tuition is paid to the seminary the participant is admitted and enrolled through. The specific payment schedule will vary according to seminary guidelines.



Participants in the program register and pay tuition to the seminary through which they applied and were accepted. Tuition is paid over a three year period. Additional costs such as housing, meals, books and other fees are paid separately.

Tuition payment plans and financial aid policies differ from school to school. Those interested in learning about financial aid should contact the school to which they apply.



Participants in the ACTS D. Min in Preaching program reside in the Chicago area during the three-week residency. Participants are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. The program office furnishes information o­n a number of housing options but participants are free to arrange other housing in the city, if they wish.

Detailed housing information is provided to participants in the program during the Spring prior to Residency.

The following information is based o­n prior summer residency rates. The rates are subject to change at the discretion of the institutions.

Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago Guest Rooms
>$90 / person / night

Other Community Options
>range from $60-90 / person / night


The cost of meals is not included in housing or tuition costs. An estimated cost is $850 for three weeks, based o­n meals available from the Lutheran School of Theology Refectory (average breakfast = $8, lunch = $12). The LSTC Refectory does not serve dinners in the evening and is closed o­n the weekends. Although the Refectory is the most reasonably priced and convenient dining option, there are several other cafeteria options at U of C, restaurants and grocery stores within a three-block radius from classes. Participants may spend anywhere between $20-$25 for a dinner at a community restaurant. Grocery stores are also conveniently located within walking distance of campus for those wishing to reduce the amount of restaurant selections.



Between residencies, participants are required to videotape three sermons. Many participants reduce the cost of these assignments by borrowing videotaping equipment for the duration of the program. Each sermon is sent to an advisor and a professor or peer for evaluation. In addition, professors may require participants to send a videotape of a sermon as a pre-residency assignment. The cost of preparing and duplicating videotaped sermons differs from place to place and may vary depending upon equipment available to the participant. Candidates to the program should investigate and be prepared to incur the cost of preparing these required videotaped assignments.



Limited parking is available on the residential streets surrounding the Seminary. A parking garage on the LSTC / MTS campus is another option. Cost is approximately $90 for the residency period.



Program participants can expect to spend $450-$600 per year o­n books. Required reading lists and syllabi for each class are sent in the Spring prior to each residency. Estimated book costs do not include the postage and handling of books sent by mail.